Lenovo Ideapad 320 keyboard not working

Your #Lenovo #Ideapad #Keyboard is not working, please follow below steps.

Step 1: Remove the charger or any other external device like USB Keyboard/Mouse/Camera etc.
Step 2: Shut Down the system properly.
Step 3: Now press Fn+S+V (For disabling the internal battery) (for 20 Seconds)
Step 4: Now take a pin and put it in Factory Reset hole and press for confirming step 3 is done properly or not. (only side light will glow)
Step 5: Connect the charger now.
Step 6: Again follow step 4, this time system will restart and you will get 4 options.
Step 7: Chose BIOS Setup and hit enter.
Step 8: Press F9 for default BIOS setting then yes and exit with save changes.

Done System will reboot so just wait. #lenovo #ideapad320 #ideapad #keyboardnotworking for help contact me on 8010581157